Flowers are my dream...

Hi, I'm Kat!


I've been playing with flowers most of my life and love everything about them. I love movement, texture, and allowing the natural shape of the flower to shine in whatever I am creating. 

After ten plus years of working in the floral industry, I started Kat's Flower Affair. Being independent allows me to spend personal time with my clients, which is key when designing for your home, business — and especially a wedding! 

​Weddings are my specialty and I love the process of creating a fully customized look for your special day. I offer complete design services or can simply provide you with flowers for your wedding. I love helping couples bring their wedding vision to life through flowers and I take special pride in making sure the details of a piece are felt throughout the venue. 

In addition to weddings and events, I provide flower services to clients' homes and businesses on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, designing based on the space, desired color pallet and preferred style. While different from weddings, my industry experience includes years of crafting premium modern arrangements for private homes and corporations. I also fulfill special occasion flowers upon request. 

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you! To learn even more about me, check out my blog!